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Company Transfers / Continuity of Businesses

You want to submit your company and ensure a continuity without any trouble, so that your employees are long-term protected?

Unternehmenskauf / Unternehmensfortführung

In case of a departure of the management due to disease, we are able to offer you an instant expert continuation of business by a highly motivated and qualified personnel that can be immediately available for the support of your employees.

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Fresh capital for your business at advantageous conditions

Investments in company foundations and company continuing operations

One of the most common forms of participation is the silent partnership for entrepreneurs with a low capital requirement for a business foundation or for business successors. In such cases we provide an intensive and professional support for the starting phase in all commercial fields, so that a successful business flow is guaranteed.

Services and basic conditions

  • silent participations from € 20,000 upwards per company
  • For investments, growth, launch
  • Possibility of managing support
  • Offer is intended for all fields
  • Modern small industrial company (industrial, craft, trade and service companies of all legal forms)
  • Seat or permanent establishment in Germany
  • Promising business plan and clear business strategy
  • Technical and commercial competence of the applicant


The solid and the profit-based fees depend on the opportunities and risks of the project.